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Unit 2: Using Our Voices- Improving Our Community

Description: Unit 2 will build on the concepts of identity established in Unit 1 and extend to concepts of community. Students will build on their skills to make arguments through writing by identifying an issue they care about, exploring persuasion techniques, and writing and delivering an effective persuasive speech including a strong claim backed up by evidence and reasoning.

Helping students stay organized --This unit will require students to write and rewrite and revisit multiple drafts throughout the writing process. We recommend providing organizational support to them by either having them keep their drafts in their writer's notebook, a physical folder or a digital folder. 

Pre-Assessment Questions: Teachers - you may choose to give students this prompt before beginning this unit or substitute it for a “do now”/ Bell-Ringer activity at the beginning of the unit to get students thinking about the objective of this curriculum: using writing to persuade.  


  1. How can you convey to your reader (or listener) that you care about a topic?
  2. What kinds of evidence are most effective for persuasion?

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