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Lesson 2: Setting Class Agreements and Norms

This lesson is designed to help teachers facilitate the creations of agreements/norms that will enable students to create a productive environment in which to learn. Choose which term you want to use with your students - agreements or norms. Both refer to an agreement among members of a classroom about how they will treat one another - some people prefer norms, which refer to standards for group behavior, and others prefer agreements, which refer to ways that we agree to be together.

Decision Making
Practicing Empathy
Democr. Foundations
Learning Tools
Graphic Organizer
Common Core State Standards (CCSS)


Work with peers to promote civil, democratic discussions and decision-making, set clear goals and deadlines, and establish individual roles as needed.

College, Career, and Civic Life Framework (C3)


Construct arguments using precise and knowledgeable claims, with evidence from multiple sources, while acknowledging counterclaims and evidentiary weaknesses.

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