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Unit 3: Advocacy and Argument for Change

Description: In this unit students will learn to effectively use diverse formats such as op-eds, public service announcements, and testimonies to persuade an audience to act on an important idea or issue.  Students will explore how to effectively use reasoning to support their arguments and to anticipate and respond to counter-arguments. Students will analyze power and consider their target audience to make the most effective presentation of an argument possible in writing.

We recommend you allow ample time during this unit for students to work on their projects in class.  You can schedule a 1:1 conference with students while the rest of the class is working as well. 

Pre-Assessment Questions: Teachers- you may choose to give students this prompt before beginning this unit or substitute it for a “do now”/ “Bell-ringer” activity at the beginning of the unit to get students thinking about the objective of this curriculum- using writing to persuade.  


  1. How can you effectively counter the arguments opponents might make in your writing?
  2. Should you use the same strategies to persuade the public and to persuade people in power? Why might your strategy be different?

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